The Next Generation Satellite Internet

What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet is transmission of data from a satellite dish station anywhere on the earth to another receiving data at any other part of the world. This is through internet data broadcasted remotely to all part of the world through communication with an orbiting geostationary satellite over 35,900 km above the earth’s equator. In simple terms, satellite internet is a wireless data connection communicated between three satellite dishes. The following information was referenced from

    • One satellite dish is the internet service provider’s station in one part of the world
    • The second one is the satellite dish station in space 35,900 km above the earth
    • The third one is a satellite dish owned by an individual consumer of the internet connecting through their modem and to the PC

How does satellite internet work

With a brief background, understanding of what a satellite internet and having is a picture of how it works becomes clear. Satellite internet usually originate from a satellite internet providers who send internet data signals from their internet service satellite dish on earth to a satellite station 35,900km in space. The geostationary orbiting satellite dish then broadcast it powerful l wave signal to the larger part of the world simultaneously enabling individual customers to receive internet data through their satellite dish anywhere around the world.

Concisely, we can illustrate it as below:

[From Service providers satellite --- through geostationary satellite 35,900 km in space --- to your personal satellite dish connecting to your modem and PC]

Benefits of Satellite Internet

-Worldwide Coverage

Think about, a ship at the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or a combat hummer at the core of the Sahara desert here internet providers are not only absent but also practically unheard off. Well seems tough farfetched. Think of your local countryside at your holiday ranch or home where no internet or even telecommunication service provider has placed mast hence it is hard to even get a cell phone signal. Such places are well covered by the satellite internet thus making it so convenient to use in the farthest corners of the world.

-Furiously fast internet speeds

The satellite internet speeds are much faster than any dial up connections. They range at 10x to 35x times faster than the dialup internet connections. In this generation, internet is rated excellent according to the speed. Most people would rather pay more to site in a cyber where they can download a 1gb or more video/file in less than 10 minutes than a cheap but slow internet where an email take 10 minutes to open. The satellite internet is pretty fast and gives you all the streaming, downloading and browsing power easily.

-Satellite bandwidth usage

Unlike the dial up and any other internet providers, the Satellite internet services have no term like ‘congestion’. This global connection can serve a million subscribers at a go and handle high bandwidth usage. The number of users or peak usage period never does not affect satellite internet speed.

-Mobile Flexibility in Location Changes

Satellite internet is like a cell phone, once you are subscribed, you can change location and still get a great internet connection service. This is because satellite has broadband connection at any location giving the end user maximum connectivity and internet usage as long as their receiving dish has a clear line of sight with the space satellite.