20 Best Fishing Tips (Part II)

In the post 20 Best Fishing Tips (Part I), I have given you 10 tips for fishing. In this article, we together find out 10 remaining tips.


Backlashes are a fact of life when using level wind reels. And today’s smaller reel designs leave no room for fingers to pick them out. But there is a way. Many anglers carry a Swiss Army knife, most of which have a fingernail file. Use a tempered file to cut a “V” notch in the knife file’sdepthfinder tip. It will reach into that tangled mess, engage each loop, and unsnarl the worst of backlashes.


For fishermen who can’t afford, or don’t care to bother with, a best fish finder – electronic depthfinder there is a no-cost way to check depth. Choose a sinking lure and suspend it beside you at water level with your thumb and forefinger. Release the lure, count “one-thousand-one” and stop the lure. Measure the length of line used–say it’s 18 inches. You now know that lure sinks 1 1/2 feet each second. So when you cast against a shore, you count until the line goes slack and calculate the depth by how many seconds it took…times 18 inches.

For fishermen who like to use modern technology or enjoy fishing time, a fish finder is a tool that cannot be miss in your fishing box. Hummingbird, Lowrance, Garmin or even small portable fish finder can help you find fish in the deep sea.

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How Do You Choose The Best Fishing Tool

The world is not a cheap place and life just keeps getting more expensive.  But as humans, we find different things interesting and have different passions.  In order to pursue those passions we often have to pay a lot of money.  Fishing is no different.  With decent gear costing well into the hundreds of dollars, spending money on extras might be a bit difficult.  So finding the best for your money is important.  But with hundreds of different brands on the market, how do you know what is good yet affordable?

jigging- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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5 Tips for Bank Fishing


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