11 Summer Basics Women Over 40 Never Forget to Buy

As summer approaches, it’s easy to just load up your cart with every trend you see on Instagram, but one look at the ultra-stylish over-40 women below, and you may be convinced to resist that urge. We’ve found that one of the reasons stylish women over age 40 always look so polished in the summer (when it’s very easy not to look polished) is that they know which wardrobe staples to buy

By the age of 40, you’ve had plenty of time for sartorial trial and error and to develop a functional personal wardrobe as a result. There’s a lot to learn from the basics and wardrobe builders that the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Caroline de Maigret, and Sarah Jessica Parker wear. So sit back, relax, and scroll through to find out which versatile pieces we’ve found that stylish women in this particular age bracket never forget to buy (and wear constantly).

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