Why Fishing Tackle Requires Great Care

Are you tired of buying new fishing tackle every other time? Have you been wondering exactly what you should do to make your fishing gear last for long? There is no magic that you need to perform on your tackle. You have to understand that fishing gear and any other type of equipment will only last if proper maintenance is carried out. This is the secret of making your fishing tackle last long.


Many fishermen don’t love carrying out regular rod and reel maintenance and as a result, they end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily the moment they have to buy other set of equipment. It is also heartbreaking for fishing equipment to fail during fishing. The simple art of carrying out gear maintenance can save you all these problems and you will avoid wasting fishing time. Remember fishing gear is an investment that is supposed to bring you maximum returns. That won’t be possible if great care is not taken on it.

If you happen to fish in a saline environment then your fishing gear is in real danger being damaged by saltwater. Reels are among the fishing tools that can be severely damaged if the necessary steps are not taken. Saltwater can creep inside reels and slowly corrodes the metal materials. The longer the reel is left without being washed the more the reel will be affected by saltwater until it is irreparable. The repairs for reels are very expensive and they can deprive you fishing time if you have to repair them.

For reels to serve you for a long time, you should thoroughly clean them and dry them immediately after using them. You should lubricate them occasionally as well as remove any debris that might have been stuck inside the reel. It is important to do this owing to the delicate and complex nature of reels.

Source; gameanfishmag.com
Source; gameanfishmag.com

During winter, it is advisable not to leave the reels on the rods as most fishermen usually do. You should instead remove them from the rods and store them separately. This is because any salt that is trapped inside the reels can make a lump on the reel seat rings making it very hard to release the reel. Removing the reel from the rods and applying some oil on the reel tracks will save you from unnecessary headaches in future.

Sometimes your reel may start making creaking sounds. This is the perfect time to take it apart or take it to be serviced.

Ignoring it will only increase the cost of repairing it and even being forced to replace it if the damage is beyond repair.

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It is also important to note that detergent has the ability of removing oil substances. This means that it can remove the lubricating oil on your reels. Only use detergents on rods when you are cleaning your fishing tackle.

You have seen how ignorance can cost you your fishing gear. The time taken to maintain your fishing gear cannot be compared to the time lost when your gear isn’t working.