The 14 Best Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

There’s something about the onset of spring and summer that has us craving a drastic hair change as thirstily as we crave a pitcher of ice-cold (preferably spiked) lemonade on a hot day. Due to the forthcoming rise in temperatures, it’s a natural temptation to chop everything off in favor of length that maybe won’t get sweat-stuck to our collarbones and backs this season, but part of us also loves the allure of super-long length to frame our favorite bikini tops and summertime jewelry. And hey, if the combination of long strands and summertime humidity sends you over the edge in apprehension, a simple ponytail or pretty braid is the perfect antidote.

The one and only hitch? The ever-so-slightly important process of actually getting that ultra-long length. For many of us, growing out our strands can seem impossible—what with annoying factors like split ends, abuse from our favorite styling

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