Lisbon’s Emerging Designers Seek to Strike the Balance Between Sustainability and Creativity

Scenes from Lisbon Fashion Week.

To many, the term “sustainable fashion designer” is an oxymoron. Considering our current climate and ecological crisis and the fact that the fashion industry is responsible for a significant (if hard to quantify) negative impact on the environment, it seems we should be urgently halting any new production. 

But such black-and-white dicta don’t leave room for a new generation of emerging designers to carve a place for themselves in the economically significant sphere that is apparel. Last week during the United Fashion presentation (an exchange project carried out by a cluster of seven European fashion support associations) at ModaLisboa Fashion Week, those designers in the “green capital” battled with this internal conflict.

“I’m uneasy about what I do,” knitwear designer Archie Dickens told Fashionista. “As a designer, I find it hard to understand how

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