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How to Choose an Employee Fingerprinting Service

Nearly all industries and employers have started using some kind of background screening before they take in new applicants. Some of these companies rely on a basic criminal background search, butt others may require more advanced searches, including fingerprinting and even drug checks, to help them decide whether a prospective hire is good for their business or not.

If you are considering adding fingerprinting into your mix of applicant screening methods, there are a few things you should take into account. First and foremost, depending on the type of business you’re in, you might actually need to fingerprint all job applicants before you make any job offers. Two examples are businesses in the healthcare and finance sectors, with the education industry apparently following suit.

Clearly, if you belong in an industry where background checking and fingerprinting is required, then you need to have concrete plan in place. Unfortunately, however, several employers are of the impression that a single type of background check is enough, hence increasing their vulnerability to issues.

For most companies, what has worked for them is a combination of , fingerprinting and other types of screening processes. Besides, no single type of background check will ever be enough, and you should never leave any stones unturned when it comes to accepting new hires. If you’re looking for a reliable fingerprinting service, take time go consider the following:

Fast Results

Select a service that can guarantee quick and accurate results. With some services, you can have a background check package completed in under an hour, including a whole range of tests, from integrity tests to drug tests and more.

Comprehensive Services

Look for a company that can give you all the services needed for proper screening, as well as conduct due diligence on employees across all levels, from new hires to board members.

Simple and Useful Reports

As in an executive summary, a report you receive from a fingerprinting service should have all the crucial information right on the very first page. You should be able to see in one look whether the subject has met your your criteria, so you can proceed to other pressing matters.

There should be no need for you to call someone or have an interpreter help you understand the results at hand. If an applicant has a criminal record hit, this should be displayed in a manner you will easily grasp. The report should have no codes or any technical terms.

Multiple Locations

Lastly, find out how many locations the fingerprinting service has. When applicants have to drive hours to be fingerprint, they may just lose interest.

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