6 Cheap Lingerie Brands to Add to Your Radar

We’re big advocates that looking and feeling your best shouldn’t have to come at a high expense. That being said, shopping for lingerie is often an expensive endeavor. Luxury lingerie is an industry all its own rife with skilled laborers that produce those handcrafted lace panties and oh-so-delicate teddies. But pretty lingerie doesn’t always have to cost a pretty penny. There are plenty of affordable alternatives that should be on your radar.

And when we say affordable, we mean it. We’ve vetted the listed brands to ensure you’re able to purchase almost everything for under $50. From e-com juggernauts’ in-house brands to brands you’ve been overlooking, these spots are stocked with expensive-looking lingerie. So if you’re ready to upgrade from your six-pack of cotton underwear (hey, it’s our truth, too) without blowing your budget, shop these affordable lingerie spots ahead. 

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