7 Easy Makeup Tips to Look Younger

Anti-aging is such a hot topic these days. Everyone and their mother (literally) are calling out tips and tricks to take years off our faces. Most times, it’s innocent enough. A product recommendation here, an eye makeup trick there. But even if your goal isn’t to look younger than you actually are—whether that’s because you’re a 20-something with baby skin or because you’re a badass 50-something who wears fine lines like badges of honor (mad respect!)—you probably still don’t want to age yourself unnecessarily with rookie makeup mistakes that chip away at your most radiant reflection. Fair?

We learned from celebrity makeup artist Shannon Pezzetta and Kevyn Aucoin Beauty’s global director of artistry and education, Nick Lujan, that creating a more youthful look with makeup is actually really simple. Not surprisingly, heavy-handedly covering every single imperfection is the last thing we should do if looking younger (or at least not older) is our goal.

We love a good beauty cheat code, so we asked our pros for their top makeup tips for those looking to put their youngest looking face forward. And as a friendly reminder, we don’t believe, nor do we want you to believe, that younger equals better. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. Full stop. A radiant and glowing mug is a move we can always get behind, and if our efforts leave us looking a little younger, then that’s just a bonus! Read on for the artist-approved tips and the best products to execute them IRL.

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