Bottega Veneta Lastly Unveils Salon 02 Assortment, a.okay.a. Fall 2021

Months after a controversial, top-secret debut, Bottega Veneta has lifted the veil on Salon 02. 

Over the past year, Daniel Lee, the brand’s beloved creative director, has evolved the way the brand both presents and refers to its collections. Biannual runways are now Salons (the first iteration — the equivalent of Spring 2021 — began rolling out in October, continuing through December); the more commercial pre-seasons are dubbed Wardrobe. This shift is part of a larger trend within the luxury fashion industry, of brands opting out of the long-established seasonal calendar. But Bottega Veneta has managed to do something not many others have, especially in an increasingly digital-first era: Maintain a strong, strict hold over the reveal of its latest offerings.

Salon 02 (i.e. Fall 2021) was notoriously presented at Berlin’s Berghain nightclub back in April, when the city was still in strict lockdown. The only peeks the greater public has gotten at Lee’s latest came through a lucky, select few who got their hands on the collection, Beyoncé and Tracee Ellis Ross among them. But on Friday, Bottega Veneta finally dropped the Salon 02 campaign — and the full lookbook along with it.

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