How to Choose The right Clothes to Attend A party

For women attending a party let alone a very big party is an absolute wish. To attend formal big parties or events must have a neat and uncluttered dress criterion. For men, it may not be a complicated issue to have a dress for a party because usually, men wear suits, shirts, vests, ties, material pants, and loafers boots. But this is very different for women, having properties that must be different from others and should be the center of attention in a woman makes them extra perfectionist for the issue of the party dress.
The women usually choose a party dress that resembles a dress worn by famous artists or dresses issued by famous fashion brands are expensive. But even so, sometimes the party dress they wear looks weird and embarrassing because it does not fit their body shape and height. Even worse if the dress was worn on a different theme or concept of the event that we attended. Because of that before coming to the party we must be knowing tricks as follows:
1. Know the concept and theme of the event.
The concepts and theme of a party event can be anything according to the creator of the event. As some of the parties I attended had themes like the beach party, rock and roll, cocktail party, flower party, Halloween party and red party. Not a few parties that require us to wear dress codes. Therefore we must pay attention and know the theme and the concept of the event because you definitely do not want the wrong costume right?
2. Recognize the shape and height of your body.
Many of the women who despite using expensive and luxurious clothes but look embarrassing and weird. Not because of the wrong costume or you are ugly but … Read More

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Men’s Guide to Matching Leathers

One of the most frequently asked questions in men’s fashion seems to be how to match a belt with shoes. This is a task that seems to elude men all over the world, let alone coordinating these items with their other accessories such as watches, gloves, bags, wallets and jackets. However, it is not actually that complicated. Get it right and you’ll build a solid base for your entire look, allowing you to mix and match other pieces as you please.

Despite what you might think, there are no hard and fast rules as to how to coordinate your leathers. There are, of course, principles of classic style but sometimes breaking these ‘rules’ can make a mundane look suddenly cool and modern. However, for fashion novices or those who are not confident in combining several leather items, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

– Belts and Shoes

For many men, this is their main style concern. While this combo may be the simplest, it’s also the least acceptable to get wrong. So what’s the secret? The key to matching belts and shoes is to choose pieces of a similar colour and formality. Notice that belts and shoes only need to be a similar colour, not the same. Look for belts and shoes in the same color family i.e. match blacks with blacks, browns with browns, tans with tans etc and there’s no need to be too exact about it. Spending hours hunting for the perfect shade of brown to match your shoes would be a waste of time. No one is likely to notice and if they do, they’re likely to find you overly finicky anyway. A slight discrepancy in colour will lend you an air of cool nonchalance. However, it is also possible … Read More

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Designer Clothes for the Global Market

Elegant clothes designed for the elite are designer clothes. Designers all over the world come up with fashionable attire with creativity and aesthetics. They create clothes constantly for every season and every occasion. Designer clothes are for people who enjoy carrying out the latest trends in a bid to look sleek and glamorous. A designer can fulfill the desire of the fashion thirsty clients with exactly what they want. The clothes are manufactured to suit the taste of the wearer. Give the designers a piece of cloth and they come out with the most beautiful dress accessorized with bows, scarves, buttons, pockets or just a simple clutch to go with it.
Designer clothes are authentic and original garments created by the designers under their label and are sold in exclusive stores and online. The customer can get expert advice from the creator as to what type of apparel is best suited for their body structure. The best way to find out is to try them on and make the necessary alterations to give that perfect fit. Luxurious clothes are very expensive because of the immaculate stitching and finish. The client can proudly show off their finished garment and be the center of attention.
Designer clothes are cut well, as each fabric has to be handled differently. The manufacturer is an expert in choosing the right material for the right dress, as they will know the fall and flow of the material used. Seasons do play an important role in the kind of material used to design clothes. Winter needs heavy, layered clothes such as wool and leather which are welcomed to keep people warm, whereas cotton is great for summer to help the skin breathe. Chiffon, silk, lace and pearls are often associated with occasion evening wear. The feminine … Read More

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Choosing Halloween Costumes – Top 3 Ideas that Have Always Proven Effective

Once Halloween is on the way, everyone is thinking of how to make the season really special in their Halloween costumes. Often, you don’t really seem to have any meaningful idea running in your head for a perfect costume, even up the last minute! Don’t worry, this Halloween will be a different one now that you are here to read about great costume ideas that have always proven effective.

Tip #1: Dare to be Different

People would usually go the popular way when it comes to costumes for Halloween. If you look like everyone else in your Halloween outfit, you will simply blend with the crowd. And, I bet this is not something you want for yourself this Halloween.

So, you should dare to be different with your costume and dress style. How? Create your own personal style. Even if you’re going for usual costumes such as zombie, animal or decade costume, sit back and brainstorm on how to add a unique touch that would ‘wow’ everyone else.

A good hint on how to go about this is to identify your personal style, starting from your personality, the type of social activities you love (e.g. rock music or dancing), your preferred way of dressing, best colors, and your favorite celebrity that would also serve as extra source of inspiration. You will definitely be different when you combine these factors together to create your own Halloween costume.

Tip #2: Consult an Online Costumier

It’s completely free, never mind the word ‘consult’. Okay, let me put it differently, speak with an online costume seller. Recently, someone posted, “last year’s Halloween will remain a memorable one for me because my costume was like no other, thanks to an online custumer that added a professional opinion to the idea I already have … Read More

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The Value of Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a special holiday in the United States, where people come dressed in various attires, coming together to celebrate with one another. The history of this holiday dates back to the ancient Celtic over 2000 years ago, and its ground breaking entrance into the united states has completely changed the entire meaning of what the ancient Celtic people knew it to be. The Halloween holiday is somewhat associated with scary stories about ghost goblins and monsters, the myth behind these stories is that on Halloween day which is always celebrated on the 31st of October annually the veil between the spirit world and the real world is always at its thinnest which allows some of these ghosts or monsters sneak and disturb the living and by midnight they return back till the following year.

In recent times the Halloween holiday is now associated with “trick or treat” which is the most used term during this period especially among children. Children are known to go from house to house saying trick or treat with believe of getting some candy from their neighbors. Halloween has become a commercial holiday in America just like Christmas New Year and Easter, during the Halloween holiday based on estimates, America spends up to six billion dollars during this holiday yearly. Aside candy and sweet treat, the other market taking the whole Halloween experience is the costumes.
Without the Halloween costumes, the holiday is not close to getting started. The candy and sweet treat don’t take as much from the purse of Americans as the costumes. The Halloween costume is the pride of the holiday itself. Everybody wants to come out unique, wearing a top notch costume that will make such an individual stand out. From children to adults everyone has a costume, whether you … Read More

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