Why Fishing Tackle Requires Great Care

Are you tired of buying new fishing tackle every other time? Have you been wondering exactly what you should do to make your fishing gear last for long? There is no magic that you need to perform on your tackle. You have to understand that fishing gear and any other type of equipment will only last if proper maintenance is carried out. This is the secret of making your fishing tackle last long.


Many fishermen don’t love carrying out regular rod and reel maintenance and as a result, they end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily the moment they have to buy other set of equipment. It is also heartbreaking for fishing equipment to fail during fishing. The simple art of carrying out gear maintenance can save you all these problems and you will avoid wasting fishing time. Remember fishing gear is an investment that is supposed to bring you maximum returns. That won’t be possible if great care is not taken on it. Continue reading “Why Fishing Tackle Requires Great Care” »

How Do You Choose The Best Fishing Tool

The world is not a cheap place and life just keeps getting more expensive.  But as humans, we find different things interesting and have different passions.  In order to pursue those passions we often have to pay a lot of money.  Fishing is no different.  With decent gear costing well into the hundreds of dollars, spending money on extras might be a bit difficult.  So finding the best for your money is important.  But with hundreds of different brands on the market, how do you know what is good yet affordable?

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A true hobby is not complete with just the basics.  You need to go further to advance your technique.  So some technology and gadgets may be exactly what you need.  But again, you get back to the question of how do you get good quality without handing over a large chunk of money?  How do you get the best, yet cheap, fish finder? You can see this fishing tool at http://millactivity.com/best-fish-finder Continue reading “How Do You Choose The Best Fishing Tool” »

5 Tips for Bank Fishing

Bank fishing is one of the most popular ways to fish. Not having a boat doesn’t need to stop you from getting out and enjoying the fishing season. Bank fishing is defined as fishing from where the land meets the water. Rock fishing is the same as bank fishing, except you are on an outcropping of rocks rather than the riverbank.


There are, however, some considerations to be made when you head out on your bank fishing trip.

Keep your shadow off the water:

Fish are naturally aware of the shadows of the birds that prey on them. If your shadow goes out over the water they are going to scatter, making it harder to fish them. Staying close to a tree or other naturally occurring shadow will enable you to cast without spooking the fish. Continue reading “5 Tips for Bank Fishing” »

6 Necessary Tools For an Effective Fishing

One of the most recommended nature-friendly activities is sportfishing. Many people like sportfishing because it is that leisurely action which calms the mind. But not everyone who desires to encounter sportfishing is an professional when it comes to selecting the appropriate resources for their encounter.

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One can discover a number of sportfishing shops, but most of such shops offer needless and costly sportfishing components, just to make more cash. They take benefits of purity of the fishing newbies. Below, you will learn more on the primary sportfishing resources which are required for any type of sportfishing in any place.

Basic Fishing Tool Source: www. begginers-carp-fishing.co.uk
Basic Fishing Tool
Source: www. begginers-carp-fishing.co.uk

1) Fishfinders: One of the important equipment for fishing. They help to find fish in depth water. There are many types of fishfinder with various functions, many prices such as Lawrance fishfinder, Humminbird fishfinder, Garmin fishfinder, Portable fishfinder, etc,. If you take pains to search and study information of fishfinders, you can choose a cheap fishfinder with cheap price suitable for your money.

2) Hooks: These are one of the most essential areas of your fishing equipment. Hook varieties come in a wide range of designs, greater part of them being formed like a correspondence “J”. Fishing hooks are cost-effective, so you could inventory an wide range of hooks for every type of sportfishing.

3) Rigs: These are used for capturing different types and striper. The two most typical stations are the Bobber and Crappie. Bobber stations are appropriate for capturing Bluegills and are best for newbies. Continue reading “6 Necessary Tools For an Effective Fishing” »