French Fashion Basics: 10 Items Parisian Girls Love

You may think you know all the fashion essentials a French girl’s wardrobe relies on, but there’s an outside chance you don’t. Why? It can be all too easy to pigeonhole a nation’s “uniform” when it’s commonly referenced, so we wanted to go back to basics and revisit the concept. What is the actual concise list of items that the world’s chicest women follow?

Maje‘s creative director, Judith Milgrom, was on board to enlighten us on the mystical ways of a French girl’s edit. Her brand has just launched a denim capsule collection (and it has all the patchworked pieces you’ll want right now), but what are the staple jeans Parisians wear on repeat? And what do they wear them with? Questions, questions. Judith has the answers. Keep reading to find out about the 10 French fashion essentials everyone should consider.

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