Italian-Girl Fashion Can Be Summed Up in 8 Pieces

To be honest, we’re pretty enamored with the pieces you’ll spot in an Italian-girl wardrobe. Wearing everything from bold statement pieces to minimalistic silhouettes, Italian girls have a unique and captivating take on personal style. Really, it just seems like they’re throwing out the rule book and having fun.

While each girl has her own distinct style, we’ve noticed some key pieces that are essential to Italian-girl fashion. First, there are embellished heels. Patricia Manfield has proven that crystal-adorned versions are a must, even pairing hers with track pants for an elevated take on athleisure. Then there’s the robe: This editor will go so far as to suggest that Italian girls like Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio helped usher in the robe-coat trend, a style that became a signature of their luxe label, Attico.

Want to know the other key items Italian street style stars like Diletta Bonaiuti and Manfield are wearing on repeat? Keep scrolling to see just how stylish they are, and shop the eight pieces you need to make Italian-girl fashion your own.

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