Marc Jacobs Created a Assortment for All Your Conflicting Publish-Pandemic Emotions

Strolling into the New York Public Library for the Marc Jacobs Fall 2021 vogue present on Monday evening, I have to confess that I felt somewhat… tender.

It wasn’t my first vogue present because the begin of the pandemic — I’d gone out to Connecticut for Christian Siriano — or even the first fashion show in New York City, considering the handful of designers who put on quiet affairs in February and September. But somehow, it was the first fashion show since I left Paris in March 2020 that felt real. After all, if Marc is back, New York is back, baby!

Still, as thrilling as it still is to get that coveted Marc Jacobs ticket, it all felt incredibly surreal. Turning the corner to a small crowd of street style photographers, watching familiar (and unmasked!) faces greet each other, finding my seat in the single-file row of metal chairs — it gave me that long-lost adrenaline rush and the urge to run home and hide under my biggest blanket at the same time.

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