Marc Jacobs Needs Us All to ‘Ease’ Again Into Carrying Make-up By Piling on Plenty of Pretend Lashes

Backstage at Marc Jacobs Fall 2021.

On Monday, Marc Jacobs held a fashion show in New York City. A real, live, in-person fashion show, complete with models and photographers and journalists and backstage beauty and many, many layers of outerwear. Nature, as they say, is healing.

“On the journey back to doing what we love most, in the wake of immeasurable loss, loneliness, fear, anxiety and uncertainty, I am reminded of why creativity is so vital to our existence. To life,” Jacobs wrote in the show notes. The designer presented his Fall 2021 collection at the New York Public Library, marking a significant moment in American fashion as it looks toward a rebound. As Fashionista’s own Tyler McCall put it in her review, “if Marc is back, New York is back, baby!”

Jacobs showed a whimsical, fantastical collection featuring oversized outerwear, exaggerated puffer coats and giant blazers. To accompany the pieces, Jacobs tapped some of his usual collaborators for the beauty look — though their handiwork may not have been so readily on display. Jin Soon Choi, for example, was responsible for nails, but most models’ hands were obscured by gloves or oversized jacket sleeves. (It’s oddly comforting just to know the nails were perfectly manicured beneath them, though, Jin.) Similarly, Jimmy Paul keyed the hair, although most of the models’ heads were covered and draped with hoods, hats or beanies. Where the hair was visible, models wore single Wednesday Addams-like braids of varying lengths down the centers of their backs.

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