My 71-Year-Old Mom Tried and Reviewed The Ordinary

By now you all might know my mom. She’s fabulous, she’s 71, and she knows her way around beauty. In fact, she might own more makeup and skincare products than I do—which is equal parts impressive and terrifying. So you can see why she’s the ultimate guinea pig when it comes to trying out the latest, greatest, or buzziest products in the biz. I love that we both represent different generations, have different skincare needs and goals (me: breakouts and dark circles; her: fine lines and pigmentation), and I firmly believe bringing in other age demographics for product reviews really ups the ante when it comes to fishing for efficacy. After all, how the heck will someone like me with 26-year-old skin know if an age-pegged serum is helping? Right? Right.

Enter The Ordinary, the affordable skincare baby of megabrand Deciem which has launched to a very high, covetable status within the skincare-and-beauty industry. Not only are the products priced right around $10 and under, but the brand also boasts potent concentrations, top-notch quality, and consistent, exciting new launches (um, like its brand-new Salicylic Acid Masque, $12!). People, and largely, millennials, understandably flip over the brand, which ultimately marries all of our most pressing product wants. 

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