20 Best Fishing Tips (Part II)


In the post 20 Best Fishing TipsĀ (Part I), I have given you 10 tips for fishing. In this article, we together find out 10 remaining tips. 11/ BACKLASH PICKER-OUTER: Backlashes are a fact of life when using level wind reels. And today's smaller … [Continue reading]

20 Best Fishing Tips (Part I)

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When I askedĀ to think back over my fishing lifetime and come up with the best tips I've learned over the past 70 years that I could share with readers, I thought, "Whoo-boy, where do I begin?" There have been so many years, so many trips and learning … [Continue reading]

Offshore Success (PART 1)


The knowhow, communication skills and organizational ability of the skipper are crucial elements in successful offshore fishing. Captains who pay constant attention to detail are invariably the most successful ones. An equipment check, sharp hooks, … [Continue reading]