Styling CHANEL Hair Pin in 4 Different Ways

Hair pins or hair slides are a surprisingly versatile accessory. First, they add that perfect pop of wow to your hair style. Pin the side of your hair for that polished/sophisticated look, or add a romantic touch to your hairstyle when you pin a half ponytail on the back and leave the rest of your hair flow free. Second, they can double as a brooch and used on pretty much any piece of clothing or accessory, and today, I am sharing a few favorite ways I like to style my Chanel hair pin.

Wear your hair pin as a brooch to add a sophisticated touch to your blazer or dress. All you need is two safety pins (I like to match the color of safety pins to the color of the garment I’m wearing for a no-show look). Pin them on the back of your garment, let them go all the way through to create two loops on the front, and finally, just pull the back of the pin through the loops. Easy, right?

Another idea? Add a bit of drama to your black bag! Obviously this wouldn’t work with a leather bag, but fabric is fair game, and I think a touch of sparkle adds that perfect wow factor to a classic black bag. Notice, I used black safety pins this time to hide them and pinned them on the front of the bag, since it’s simply too thick to pin all the way through.

This is probably one of my favorite ways of wearing it! Though I love the way it looks on a simple white tee, you should try this trick with a cocktail dress with thicker straps… Two words! Pure magic!

Last but not least is of course the classic way! I can’t tell you how many times this hair pin helped to pull my “evening look” together when I was pressed for time! This pin, a bit of hair spray and a classic red lip is often all you need when you want to look dressed up but simply don’t have a lot of time to get ready!

Also, I did an IGTV video tutorial on all of these looks, so CLICK HERE to watch it and of course let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer!

Chanel Swirling Pearls Hair Clip (also love this, this, and this one)

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