The 20 Best Cheap Spring Accessories That Look So Expensive

One of my guilty fashion pleasures is a good T-shirt. I would honestly wear one every single day if I could (and I try my hardest to do so). As much as I try to force myself into more elaborate tops and outfit combos, my default is always some combo of jeans and a T-shirt. Luckily for me, with the addition of a few strategic accessories, you can make the classic T-shirt outfit feel modern and new.

In fall, it’s a chic pair of knee-high boots and a blazer. In summer, it’s a midi slip skirt and elevated sandals. This spring, it’s a few key accessories like chain necklaces and polished sunglasses that are going to make my favorite tees feel elevated and expensive. The best part is that these accessories are secretly super affordable┬áif you know the right places to look. Below, I’m highlighting the best cheap spring accessories that make my T-shirts look expensive and my outfits feel very 2020.

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