The New FENDI Peekaboo I See You

In full FENDI look to introduce the new FENDI Peekaboo ISEEYOU Medium bag! Always a fan of all things FENDI, the Peekaboo has always been one of my favorite styles and the new I SEE YOU collection is no exception, of course. Beautifully crafted: it’s elegant, modern and incredibly versatile, I know that I can pair mine with jeans and runners or cocktail dresses and it never misses its mark.

This season’s surprising styling twist? The ISEEYOU Accessory pocket which comes in a variety of colors, is removable & interchangeable, and can be customized to change the interior look of the ISEEYOU Iconic medium bag! You can also personalize your accessory pocket with your initials to add a cute styling twist to this iconic style.

For today’s look, I paired it with a gorgeous tulle dress & knee-high boots, and finished the look with FENDI’s classic FF earrings. But it would pair just as beautifully with more casual pieces like polished denim, a simple white shirt and chic flats. Another reason why I love the Peekaboo ISEEYOU is the size of the bag. Though incredibly chic and polished the bag is quite roomy, which makes it a perfect option for day or night. Love that!

Fendi White Tulle Dress, FF Earrings (also love these ones), Accessory Pocket, and Peekaboo Iconic Medium Handbag

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