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How to Find a Good Link Building Service

Today most business owners and internet marketers outsource their link building to professional link building services. The reason for this is that link building is a time consuming task, and if it is not your expertise, then you will find yourself losing interest in what you are doing. Link building together with great content and basic SEO are the important things that can help your website attain high rankings in search engine results pages. You will not attain the high rankings that you desire in search engine results pages if you don’t do link building properly. If your website has low rankings in search engines, then traffic to your site will also be low, so don’t expect your business to grow.

If you are looking for professional link building services, then consider the following.

If your backlink has authority and page rank, then it also gives authority to your site. Even if you have a single backlink from a site with high page rank, it will give your site more authority than having a dozen of backlinks from low ranking sites. But, while this is true, your backlinks should not only come from sites with high page ranks. If you include backlinks from sites with low page ranks ,then it would look more natural to search engines. Your rankings will increase with backlinks from sites with high page ranks. If the link building service is able to provide you with high pagerank links then it is a good service to hire.

The anchor text of a backlink is the clickable, highlighted part of the backlink. Your anchor text should be made up of your keywords or keyword phrases. IF you have no targeted anchor text, then you link will not be effective SEO-wise. You should always ask your link building service for your anchor text.

Sometimes, link building services create backlinks on sites that will charge you a fee after the first month so that they can keep linking to your site. If you make comments on blogs with high pageranks, then this is a more effective way of creating high pagerank backlinks. IF comments get deleted, make sure that your link building service replaces deleted comments the first month or so.

Websites that have the .gov or .edu extensions have a high value to search engines so it would be great to create backlinks in these sites. Since these websites are educational or government oriented, they naturally have a high authority. Either you don’t have backlinks in these sites or you are charged extra by your link building services because it is hard to create backlinks in these sites. If backlinks on these authoritative sites are included in the package, then it would be a great bonus for you.

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