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Why is Web Design Important

Nowadays, we are not teaching the kids that judging a company by its website is bad. The web design creates a great impact in a client’s perspective in your business regardless of your great content that you have in your webpage. It’s actually the trust and not just about attracting your clients.

In a related study, it shows that the design, in majority, has an effect in people in terms of rejecting and mistrusting a company.

The factors that may affect the decision of a client are complex layouts, pop-up advertisements and flashy ads, small fonts, dull design, and poor speed in loading.

A poor web design makes a poor first impression.

There are five elements that you would consider to help you ensure that you have a website design that is worth a trust to pull more business.

1. Strategically Planned Layout

You can organize and emphasize the content by using the layout of the site that would lead the website visitor through a story. What you should tell to the visitor mainly is the mission and vision of your business and what action they are going to do next whether filling out a form or showing them your services or product.

2. Use White Space.

It is very discouraging to users to have a complex layouts. This is the reason why it is very important to use white space. White space, also known as negative space, is the absence of other features or elements, but it may not be white all time. You may have it as the color of the background.
Having consistencies specially in spacing between the lines and words is included in key spatial relationships. To be able to attract attention from the visitors, use white space around the element,

3. Knowing about Typography.

If you don’t want to burden your website with a lot of text, you have to make sure that you have a readable, consistent and visually attractive typography.In typography, the font size, family and style are included. As long as you have a readable typography, you can play and with the titles of the web page. Remember that many styles and sizes in the font can cause distraction on the visuals.

4. Importance of Colors

Changing of the people’s emotions can be caused by different colors and combination of colors. You can actually give your visitors an impression of security, trustworthy and professional by using the color dark blue. In drawing attention to the website features, colors can help. You may not stick to the color of your logo, but you could use some colors complementing your brands.

5. Having Amazing Photos.
The web page will be plain and boring if images are not there in the page. You can actually combine the content with the images, icons and logos because readers are expecting it. A small set of photos can definitely help you show your products to the visitors.

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