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Options You Can Use to Keep Track of Employee Hours

One way of keeping track of employee hours is by using a time clock software which is easy to use because it is automated. If you are still using timesheets for keeping employee time, even if your employees are just very few, adding these time sheets can really be a hassle. It also takes up a lot of your time. Time clock software allows employees to log in for work in any computer that is being used in your office, and this makes it very easy for you at the end of the week to access all the information and tally them up in a matter of seconds. It is easy to find time clock software that will be very useful for your company. If you will choose software that will allow unlimited number of employees, then you will still be able to use it even if your business grows very large with more employees coming in. The software company that offers support is a good one to purchase from so in case of problems or difficult with the software, they will be there to help you fix it up. Most software today are user and visual friendly so employees will not really find it difficult to clock in.

If you are a small business and don’t want to invest in software, then a punch clock will also do as a means of keeping track of employee hours. If you use punch clocks, you save money because it is just a small investment, and it is also semi-automated. You can search online for punch clocks for sale which you can still find, with some offering good bargains. However, punch clocks have also a few disadvantage. While employees will have an actual time record of reporting for work and leaving work, you, on the other hand, will have to go back to the old system of calculating the total time for each employee manually. Employees will find it fun and interesting using a punch clock.

Using time cards and time sheets are the oldest forms of recording employee hours. It is very cheap. It is possible to make the time cards yourself so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The disadvantages to this method is a lot more than the other two. If an employee wants to be dishonest about his actual hours to his own gain, then it is easier to do. When it comes to rounding up time, most employees will round it in their favor rather than give the exact time resulting in a few hours a month you are paying for but getting nothing out of. And, it is also time consuming since you have to add the hours up manually yourself But if you are still starting a small business with a few employees, then this can be a perfect solution for you if you instill honesty in your employees.

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