13 Cozy Loungewear Pieces That Are Still Chic

Even in my wildest party days (circa 2010 when this headline probably would have read “I’m a Party Girl—These Are the Going-Out Pieces I Swear By”), I’ve really always been a homebody at heart. I am the type of girl who relishes in all things cozy. I’d take a night in watching The Crown curled up on my sofa any day of the week. I revel in plush pillows, pine-scented candles, a roaring fire, shearling blankets, a smorgasbord of books, and hot cups of tea in the comfort of my abode. And after having a baby last year, I’ve reached a whole new level of feeling connected and grounded to my home. Nesting has been my favorite sport.

So since my middle name is basically hygge, I’d say I’m pretty well versed in the art of dressing at home. Sure, sometimes an oversize tee and baggy pajama pants are an easy option, but I’m particularly partial to loungewear (matching sets are my favorite) that is not only seriously soft and cozy against my skin but also looks beautiful (because you never know when an Insta moment will arise). 

So if you’re a fellow homebody like I am or simply want to get in the cozy winter spirit, then scroll below as I share some of my favorite loungewear pieces I swear by. Time to put the kettle on.

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