The Specifics That Divide The Nice From The Mediocre

This past year I attempted LOADS of magnificence products and I have to say I really feel like I have found merchandise that I like and that really work. (vii) the position of craft, quality and localisation in vogue production and consumption. I’ve been awarded a analysis grant (January 2009) to review the craft of fashion and the continued significance of quality manufacturing and consumption despite global financial recession. Creativity and innovation can flourish during instances of financial hardship and shoppers may be shifting their buying preferences away from ‘quick’ disposable, fickle style gadgets towards extra thought of, sustainable and ethical clothes that speak of longevity and high quality. The challenge will examine the enduring enchantment of quality, bespoke garment production and consumption that slows down the pace of disposability and affords more enduring ways of doing fashion.

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