5 Essential French-Girl Shoe Styles

As our ongoing fascination with Carrie Bradshaw’s style proves, we Americans love a vast shoe collection. But in our ongoing fascination with French style, our research has shown French shoe collections are decidedly more pared down. Our research, in this case, consisted of doing a deep dive into our Instagram feeds to find out which shoe styles 10 out of 10 cool French women have in their closet. We looked to the feet of Parisian It girls like Sabina Socol, Jeanne Damas, Anne-Laure Mais, Camille Charrière, and many more and successfully narrowed it down to just five styles that are essential to a French look.

While current shoe trends include glitter, pastel colors, unique heel shapes, and Western-inspired styles, the five-piece French-girl shoe collection is ultra classic in comparison. And their shoes of choice all ultimately contribute to the effortlessly chic aesthetic the French are known for—that je ne sais quoi. So whether you’re looking to pare down your shoe collection to just the essentials or add a few pairs to give your look more of a Parisian feel, read on to find out what the five essential French shoes are and shop our picks for each!

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