An Honest Review of the Hair Supplement Nutrafol

I didn’t do my due diligence when researching the product; however, these hair-changing capsules came highly recommended from a colleague, so I nonchalantly took the Nutrafol Hair Wellness Evaluation which creates a customized recommendation for your hair’s needs. Founded with a mission to bring safe, efficacious natural products to the market, Nutrafol creates natural formulations that addressing a wide range of hormonal, environmental, and hereditary causes that affect hair health.

My business partners and I took almost a year of research, involving other doctors in the process, to dive deep into unhealthy hair follicles at the root and how botanicals can work to achieve healthy hair.” Sophia Kogan, MD, chief medical officer of Nutrafol, explains. “It was especially important to understand the scientific basis to be able to bring Nutrafol and its science to Western medical doctors.”

From celebrities with comparable hair to mine, including Hilary Duff and Naomi Watts to Rumer Willis and Ashley Tisdale, Nutrafol has developed a devoted following simply because of the significant results.

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