Brandon Maxwell’s Inside Design-Impressed Prints Are Too Dreamy to Hold Indoors

Brandon Maxwell is known for delivering on many fronts in his collections. Perfect tailoring? Check. A hint of drama? It’s there. A sophisticated color palette? Always. But Maxwell hasn’t really been known for experimenting much with prints — until now.

For Resort 2022, Maxwell collaborated with textile designer George Venson of Voutsa, a fellow Texan known for his interior design work.He took pieces from the Voutsa archive and put a Maxwell spin on them for a whopping 11 prints. The results, quite frankly, are rather thrilling, from oversized butterflies to sleek leopard spots, bright and bold polka dots to delicate florals, all splashed across the brand’s signature silhouettes.

“Initially, I thought this kind of collaboration would be a big step outside my comfort zone but as I went through the process, I realized that the collection was ultimately a reflection of my sanctuary. The interior spaces I love spending time in are wild: saturated with prints, colors, and textures,” Maxwell said, in a press release. “I used this collection as a framework for revisiting ideas of comfort and luxury while upending the signatures people have come to expect. The result is structured and refined but with a new layer of complication and play.”

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