Chanel Jumps on the Gen-Z Bandwagon

When you’ve perused TikTok, or any of the clothes retailers teenagers are identified to frequent — assume Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle — you may know that Gen Z is downright obsessive about all issues ’90s and early aughts. If a millennial wore it in highschool, they need a model of it, be it classic or new: ’90s denims, ’90s tank tops, ’90s babydoll attire, even ’90s butterfly clips. When you can slap that late-Twentieth century quantity on the title, they need it.

With the Chanel Cruise 2021 collection, Virginie Viard is joining the hoards of designers making a play for that crucial shopping demographic. Plenty of the looks that walked the Carrières de Lumières-set runway gave me flashbacks to my own teen years: fringe-embellished mini skirts paired with graphic tees, spaghetti-strap dresses and tanks layered over white tees, cropped halter-neck tops layered over long-sleeved tees. There are also pop-punk touches worthy of the Warped Tour, like fishnet stockings, layered chokers, double-C lip rings and a garter belt bag which serves as a rather clever callback to the infamous ankle bracelet bag Karl Lagerfeld designed, reportedly inspired by Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol monitoring anklet. 

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