Collina Strada Combines Upcycling With Animorphs for Fall 2021

A glance from the Collina Strada Fall 2021 assortment. 

Designer and resident New York Fashion Week cool kid Hillary Taymour’s latest for Collina Strada is a trippy and joyful digital delight, presented virtually as a video and made, as always, with Mother Earth in mind.

Entitled “Collina-mals,” the brand’s Fall 2021 debut offered viewers a trip down memory lane, with a stop at your elementary school library to read “Animorphs.” Except, in Collina Strada’s world, the fantasy is fulfilled, with models transforming from humans to animals — from dinosaurs to raccoons to peacocks — as the film progresses. To make this a reality, Taymour collaborated with Charlie Engman, Freeka Tet and the actual artist responsible for all 54 covers for the “Animorphs” series, David Mattingly. 

Set to an upbeat version of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” by Angel Emoji, the Fall 2021 film features a diverse cast of humans (including playwright Jeremy O. Harris) posing like animals in the wild, before turning into animals themselves. The clothes are less likely to be seen in the wild, although the color palette (made up of rich browns and bright forest greens) would help anyone frolicking in the meadows blend into their natural surroundings. Collina Strada signatures — including cheerful hand-drawn prints and skintight catsuits — are present, as are the brand’s layerable lace turtlenecks and plaids punctuated with its go-to peachy orange hue. Fans of 18th-century dressing will appreciate the room-occupying shape of two Pannier skirts, one of which is done in a cool chevron pattern.

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