Dior Takes Over Versailles for Its Fairy Story-Impressed Fall 2021 Assortment

There’s a lot one can romanticize from fairy tales: princesses locked excessive in towers ready to be rescued, princes on white horses racing throughout the countryside with a glass slipper, frogs ready to be kissed to allow them to flip into royals. However there’s additionally a darkish facet — one with wolves dressed as grannies, beasts tearing by means of castles, girls being cursed, locked up and hidden away. It is the latter temper that Maria Grazia Chiuri tapped into for Dior’s Fall 2021 collection, taking these fantasies and turning them on their head. 

A video by Fabien Baron shot at Versailles Palace called “Disturbing Beauty” (I actually prefer the false-friend translation from French, “Deranged Beauty,” though I know it isn’t technically correct) sets the vibe, with women stalking across forest grounds and stomping through the famous Hall of Mirrors.

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