How to Get Smooth Skin, According to Experts

If you feel like you’re doing the most you can with your at-home skincare routine but still not seeing the smoothing results you seek, it might be time to level up your game and take it to the pros. If you’re ready to work with your dermatologist, Rogers recommends exploring lasering (ablative and non-ablative) resurfacing, which is the most powerful treatment available for addressing texture concerns. “A gentle version is the Clear+Brilliant treatment,” says Rogers. “I recommend this treatment two weeks before any big event for glowing, smooth skin.” For a more aggressive option, she counsels patients to try the CO2 laser, which she uses daily to treat scars, wrinkles, and deep texture issues.

If a spa visit is more your speed, Allison Tray, proprietress of Tres Belle Spa in Brooklyn, recommends peels of varying strengths. “If we are working with a very surface issue, a light peel as part of a facial can really help turn the skin around by sloughing away dead skin cells and encouraging new fresh cells,” says Tray. For deeper issues that go below the surface such as scars from acne, Tray recommends the Vi Peel. “It’s painless, super effective, and literally causes the skin to shed and rebuild,” she explains.

Alternatively, give your skin some professional TLC and commit to getting regular facials for the next few months. “I always recommend booking a longer duration so the esthetician has time to do their best work in terms of thorough exfoliation and extractions,” says Jarnot. “I always feel like if you’re going to make the effort to get a facial, make it count!” We completely agree.

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