I’m Predicting Nordstrom’s Next 23 Cult-Favorite Items

You might have noticed that we do a lot of stories based on customer reviews. From five-star drugstore dry shampoos to the best-reviewed items at Urban Outfitters, we do these roundups because it’s always helpful to see what shoppers are saying before you take the plunge. However, this time around, I’m taking a different approach. You may know about über-popular items like Levi’s skinny jeans with over 11,000 reviews on Amazon or Zella leggings that boast over 6000 Nordstrom reviews. But what are the next cult-favorite items? That’s what I’m about to predict.

These newer arrivals or trending items don’t have thousands of reviews yet, but I predict that these items below will be the next big things. In due time, they will be cult favorites—just watch. Scroll down to shop my predictions about the next cult-favorite pieces at Nordstrom. 

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