Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 Assortment Is Peak Nicolas Ghesquière

All through the course of his profession, Nicolas Ghesquière has established himself as a designer unafraid to experiment with new shapes and silhouettes, effortlessly blending historical references with futuristic ideas for clothes and accessories which tend to set trends rather than follow them. The Fall 2021 collection he designed for Louis Vuitton is destined to become an all-time highlight for him in this tradition.

Starting off from a Greco-Roman point of view — especially “contrapposto,” that classic technique of sculpting the body so that it twists off-axis — Ghesquière blends together the sharp lines of column motifs and gladiator sandals with the rounder shapes of oversized balloon sleeves and gathered tulle skirts. Pockets are set inside circular openings at the front of sweaters and the sweetness of more feminine dresses is cut by leather and stud detailing.

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