Nikki and Lola Ogunnaike Launch NYFW Podcast With IMG

Lola and Nikki Ogunnaike. 

Though mightily challenged by a pandemic and a general, dispiriting state of existential dread, New York Fashion Week is forging on virtually, refusing to give in to critics calling for its ultimate demise.

Here to restore hope for the future of American fashion and to make up for the lack of freewheeling commentary shared between editors crammed into elevators at Spring Studios with a new IMG-backed podcast are two smartly-dressed superheroes, who happen to share DNA: Harper’s Bazaar Digital Director Nikki Ogunnaike and Lola Ogunnaike, journalist and TV correspondent. 

As a medium without visual biases, podcasts give listeners the intimate privilege of dropping into a room for someone else’s deep conversation. A good podcast will leave it at that, but a great one will make the listeners feel like they are a part of that conversation. “Well Suited,” launching on Feb. 18, hopes to accomplish the latter by bringing style setters who may not have been a part of these conversations in the past into the NYFW fold.

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