Prabal Gurung Crafts a Valentine for New York Metropolis With His Fall 2021 Assortment

Prabal Gurung is so excited that people want to dress up again, he’s almost giddy over it. 

His private clients have been coming to him asking for things like dresses and tailored suits, he explains over Zoom, which is an exciting prospect for anyone after months of sweatpants, but especially for a designer like Gurung who does some of his best work in dressing customers for the fancier moments in their lives (or, at least, the moments that don’t happen over Zoom calls). 

But Gurung’s Fall 2021 collection is about so much more than just the feedback from his private clients. In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis last year, he took a step back from the increasingly frantic fashion calendar, opting to skip showing the Spring 2021 season. Instead, he took the summer to wander the familiar streets of New York City, finding inspiration in everything from the Black Lives Matter protests he was seeing in Washington Square Park to groups of young people dressed to the nines and vogueing near the piers. It was, he notes with some surprise, one of the best summers of his life.

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