Reviewed: Why Fashion Girls Love Henning

Some people are finding joy in getting dressed and doing their beauty routine, even if they have nowhere to go. What do you think fashion and beauty can offer people right now? What has it done for you?

Fashion, by design, is tied to how we feel about ourselves. When we put something on that makes us feel, say, powerful or beautiful, we feel great Your outfit can trigger a chemical reaction in your brain that creates a positive emotion. So if you have the luxury to do so, why not use that to your advantage right now?

Up until March, I was so busy that I hardly thought about what clothes I threw on my body before running out the door in the morning. With everything slowed down now, I’ve become more mindful about what I wear and how it makes me feel. I’ve had a stressful few months, so I’ve been wearing things that make me feel silly, like Hawaiian shirts; or creative, like the socks I tie-dyed; or strong, like my old basketball-team gear.

Speaking of fashion, how would you describe your working-from-home style?

It’s been a little bit all over the place, but the common denominator is that it’s easy, unfussy, and comfortable. I may never wear heels again!

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