The 12 Best Hair and Lash Growth Products, Hands Down

Full, bouncy hair and lengthy lashes definitely occupy top spots on our beauty wish list. We’re constantly researching the practices and products that influence growth for both, but achieving max hair and lash health is about as mysterious as attaining flawless skin. That’s why we enlisted the help of our friend and one of the best dermatologists in Los Angeles, Nancy Samolitis, MD, co-founder and medical director of Facile, to answer our burning questions about giving our hair and lashes the best chance to thrive.

Spoiler: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. As with just about anything else in life, there are various factors that make everyone’s hair and lash growth journeys a little different. “The ability to grow hair is just as genetically programmed as hair color and texture,” Samolitis explains. “Not everyone can grow a waist-length mane, unfortunately.”

Though it feels like a bummer to see that put so plainly, Samolitis assures us that between medical evaluation, in-office treatments, and select products, we can improve both hair and lash health to encourage growth. Read on for the Q&A with the industry veteran, and shop our picks for the products that will help get the job done.

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