The 18 Best Swimsuits With Shorts That Are So Chic

Google swimsuits in the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, and you’ll probably be surprised by how many of the styles back then are more than relevant if not trending right now. It’s hard to imagine, but there was a point when the high-rise bikini felt extremely forward after a decade of string bikinis and low-rise jeans, but now, bottoms with more coverage are only continuing to gain steam and as of late, another retro swim bottom has graced the market and that is swim shorts.

I can almost assure you that back in the day your grandmother used to wear swimsuits that had a lower-half offering so much coverage that they resembled little shorts. Today, that iconic retro style has translated into literal swim shorts. These “grandma” bikinis of 2020 (yes, that’s what I’ve decided to call them) are honestly the new bikini trend we needed this year—even if we aren’t spending summer exactly how we thought we would.

Swim shorts so far have been selling as either the literal bottom portion of a bikini or as sort of a third piece to your typical two-piece set. Can’t decide which you would prefer? Then scroll down to see the best swim shorts on the market. Whether you buy one now to wear around your house or for later when we can all finally go on vacations again, this new swimsuit trend will ring up feelings of nostalgia and sartorial greatness all at once.

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