The 21 Best Skincare Products for Women in Their 40s

A decade ago, the term aging was practically a swear word. To ask a woman her age was (and, who knows, still might be) among the most tasteless questions anyone could utter. We’ve come a long way since then, but the truth is that our culture is still woefully youth-obsessed. Don’t get us wrong: Progress has been made. Among the many areas of the beauty industry that have changed for the better is the newfound sense of community and conversation dedicated to sharing the products and practices we’re each using to stay looking our best for longer. No longer are women hoarding their skincare secrets under lock and key. We’re sharing, we’re learning, and best of all, more than ever, we’re prioritizing healthy, happy skin and bodies over all else.

Enter Catherine McCord, author and founder of family-friendly, health-conscious food community Weelicious. Not only is the 45-year-old mother of three a former model who graced the covers of major glossies and walked runways for the biggest labels, but she’s also got a wealth of knowledge about building an inner and outer skincare regimen that makes for radiant, glowing skin.

Here, McCord shares her take on the generational shift from prioritizing matte skin to prioritizing dewy skin, the importance of applying skincare products on your neck and chest, and embracing all of the oils. Read on for her skincare and makeup routines that keep her skin glowing, and be sure to note the age-old beauty tips she’s picked up from the best skincare pros and makeup artists over the course of her career.

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