The 31 Most Popular Fashion Items at H&M Right Now

Even if your clothing budget only allows for one new item the whole summer, I want to help make sure your purchase is the best one you could possibly find. And, of course, if you’re lucky enough to be able to invest in multiple pieces for the new season, I’ve got you covered there too. After predicting Nordstrom’s next big hits last month, I’ve now set my sights on H&M since I know our readers love to shop there too. 

It can be overwhelming sifting through a retailer’s vast selection. Right now, H&M has 1014 dresses, 893 tops, and 204 shorts in stock. But you don’t have to look through all of them, because I just narrowed down the pieces I believe will become top sellers. With seven years of fashion-editor experience under my belt, it’s safe to say I know the makings of a big hit. Scroll down to shop my 31 favorite pieces and learn why I love each one. 

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