The 5 Best Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas—and What to Avoid

After over two years of working remotely as a fashion and beauty writer, I’m confident I’ve cracked the work-from-home code. For instance, I know the importance of taking regular, short breaks away from my computer to keep me alert and productive all day long. I know that keeping coffee at hand is a basic cardinal rule. I also know that I must change out of my pajamas as soon as I’m out of bed each morning, even if I wake up early with time to spare or I’m having a meeting-less day. If I stay in my pajamas, I won’t feel as energetic or as mentally sharp as I need to be in order to tackle the first influx of emails.

I also know that the clothes I change into need to strike a very specific balance. My outfits can’t be too comfortable. Wearing sweatpants day in and day out would get a little, er, dispiriting (not to mention boring). They can’t be too stiff and corporate-feeling, either, because comfort is key. Keep scrolling to see the five things I never wear when I work from home (and what I wear instead).

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