The Resort 2022 Developments Are All About Making a Assertion

Pondering too exhausting about vogue’s pre-collections can provide you a headache (or, on the very least, make you are feeling such as you’re that “It’s Always Sunny” meme). At this point, the actual calendar and the presentation schedule aren’t strictly aligned — we’ve been seeing Fall 2021 collections since December and are still not quite done — and the clothes themselves don’t always correspond to the time of year they’re supposedly for. This feels all the more heightened as we navigate the Resort 2022 market. 

Firstly, what does “resort” even “mean”? Are these clothes you’re meant to wear on vacation? If yes, are they for when going somewhere warm (so, summer-lite dressing) or for when you’re traveling somewhere cold and snowy (thus more suited to après-ski)? Are they just for summer? (Then, what’s Pre-Fall for?) Or, if these pieces are meant to move your wardrobe from one season to another, are they for the depths of winter when your “fall” clothes don’t cut it or are they for those not-as-dreary-but-still-not-quite-warm-enough-yet days right before spring? (So, then, why do some of them drop online in June)? 

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