The Road Model Crowd Went Preppy on Day 2 of London Vogue Week

On the road at London Vogue Week Spring 2022. 

Preppy style made a prominent appearance on day two of London Fashion Week, with showgoers dressed in everything from varsity sweater vests to polo shirts to pleated skirts to loafers. 

We spotted references to upper-class leisure activities (tennis skirts strike once again) and college-preparatory school uniforms. While this popped-collar look is not new to the fashion scene, the street style prep spread in London was a little more playful than we’ve seen: One guest dressed up a crisp, white pleated mini for off-court engagements by pairing it with square-toe heeled mules; another didn’t tuck her oversized striped shirt into her khaki pleated skort, nor did she button the shirt all the way, which made for a refreshingly cool, dress code-breaking look. 

Those that didn’t sartorially go back to school had a blast in neon green and bold florals. There were also a handful of guests who showed off their top-notch layering skills, wearing skirts over pants like it was no big deal. 

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