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The Value of Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a special holiday in the United States, where people come dressed in various attires, coming together to celebrate with one another. The history of this holiday dates back to the ancient Celtic over 2000 years ago, and its ground breaking entrance into the united states has completely changed the entire meaning of what the ancient Celtic people knew it to be. The Halloween holiday is somewhat associated with scary stories about ghost goblins and monsters, the myth behind these stories is that on Halloween day which is always celebrated on the 31st of October annually the veil between the spirit world and the real world is always at its thinnest which allows some of these ghosts or monsters sneak and disturb the living and by midnight they return back till the following year.

In recent times the Halloween holiday is now associated with “trick or treat” which is the most used term during this period especially among children. Children are known to go from house to house saying trick or treat with believe of getting some candy from their neighbors. Halloween has become a commercial holiday in America just like Christmas New Year and Easter, during the Halloween holiday based on estimates, America spends up to six billion dollars during this holiday yearly. Aside candy and sweet treat, the other market taking the whole Halloween experience is the costumes.
Without the Halloween costumes, the holiday is not close to getting started. The candy and sweet treat don’t take as much from the purse of Americans as the costumes. The Halloween costume is the pride of the holiday itself. Everybody wants to come out unique, wearing a top notch costume that will make such an individual stand out. From children to adults everyone has a costume, whether you are in your 20s, or 70s there is a costumes for you, if you are a boy, or girl a man or a woman there is a costume for you. In the past, people always dress in a monstrous way, wearing ghost costume or the costumes of characters from scary movies. But recently that whole ideology has changed totally, people don’t only wear scary costumes anymore, they can also wear lookalike costumes of their favorite characters, actors, musicians, politicians or mentors.

During this holiday people are mostly concerned about what they wear, they spend so much time to figure out the best look to put on. A lot of organisations such as schools, firms etc. organise competition for the best costumes attached with an awesome prize for the winner and this motivates people to put in a lot of effort to create the best costume ever. The demand for Halloween costumes has led to the establishment of retail shops alongside the creation of online shopping websites specially designed for the Halloween costumes alone. The profit producers and retailers get from selling these products is outstanding making the Halloween costume business a sure path for an interested individual to explore.