Thom Browne Has an Olympic Winter Wonderland on the Mind for Fall 2021

Thom Browne might just be the biggest Olympics fan in fashion.

Following his Spring 2021 collection, for which he hosted the world’s first Lunar Olympics (in the near future of 2132), comes another collection paying homage to the international event. The designer tapped Lindsey Vonn to star in a kind of eerie take on “The Wizard of Oz,” in which the former Olympic athlete befriends some stick figures before skiing her way down a mountain staffed by faceless models wearing head-to-toe Thom Browne creations.

Where Spring 2021 had been about all white looks, for Fall 2021 Browne instead turns everything black. It’s a mix of formalwear and sportswear the Thom Browne way; athletic materials like puffer jackets transformed into dramatic shawls, trompe l’oeil gloves embellished onto vests. A few pieces are covered in the names of former Olympic host cities, beaded and embroidered patches on a cropped jacket or a corseted top.

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