Virginie Viard Places an Impressionist Twist on Chanel Couture

Within the practically two centuries because the motion’s inception, the Impressionist painters have impressed loads of inventive pursuits, from different types of bodily artwork, to movie to vogue. The most recent in that lengthy canon? Chanel’s Fall 2021 Haute Couture collection, designed by Virginie Viard.

The spark came from portraits of Gabrielle Chanel dressed in 1880s-style dresses, which led Viard to think about tableaux paintings from the likes of Édouard Manet or Berthe Morisot. You can easily see those points of inspiration in the delicate pastel tones fading into one another on tweeds or embroidered florals, and in the almost bustle-like shapes of skirts. There’s also plenty of color mixed in. “Because I love seeing color in the greyness of winter, I really wanted a particularly colorful collection that was very embroidered, something warm,” said Viard.

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