Warning: Miu Miu Is Bringing Again the Tremendous Micro-Mini Skirt for Spring 2022

Talking from private expertise, attending highschool within the early aughts was one thing of a perilously fraught time in skirt lengths (in a number of different issues too, however we’re a style web site, so I am going to hold it to the garments): Teen retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister sold “skirts” that were slung so low and cut so high that they felt much more like belts than they did actual articles of clothing. 

All this to say that if you are triggered by the micro-micro-mini skirts in the Miu Miu Spring 2022 collection, you may be entitled to financial compensation. (I will take mine in the form of Miu Miu credit, thank you.) There is something eerily familiar in the hipbone-baring, shredded-hem khaki skirts, cut so short that the bottoms of the pockets poke out underneath, especially when pared with cropped cable-knit sweaters layered over trimmed button downs. Yes, every word in that last sentence did send chills down my spine. 

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