What to Look for When Buying Hijabs


Hijabs are long, loosely fitted garments worn by Muslim women to cover themselves properly; they are accompanied by scarves to wrap the heads. With increasing Muslim women donning the attire, many shops specializing in their sale are opening all over Muslim countries; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, U.A.E., and Pakistan. Designers of the outfit are heavily advertising their creations that vary slightly from others.

Women, in general, seek for and desire something different and unique for themselves; though most look alike, Hijabs sold at any outlet are designated to different places and labeled as Saudi, Turkish or ones from U.A.E. By assigning them a nationality separate from a local one allows the manufacturers and retailers to charge high prices.

A Muslim sister when shopping for hijabs is totally confused as to what to buy and where to buy. The first thing to take into account is your budget; if you have a tight pocket then you need to search the markets for a lucrative deal or discount. Choose a neutral color like beige or black made of a wash and wear fabric, suitable for all occasions. You may have to settle for something simple yet decide on a cut that suits your style and figure; sometimes you are able to get a fashionable one for a discounted price.

Window shopping is not an option when you can afford what you want; now you will have to shop in deference to your taste and the event you are buying one for. There are several specialists of Hijabs in every town to cater to your needs producing every conceivable design, color and embellishment.

Keeping the prices in mind you can look at embroidered hijabs. Embroidery in every style and pattern is used to adorn them; huge motifs near the hem line, intricate lattice work all around the edging, neck line and on edge of the sleeves is indulged in. You will find embroidery in matching as well as contrasting colors that gives these outfits their elegant and stylish appearance.

The most expensive gowns are the silk and chiffon ones that have heavy stone work, sequins or diamantes on them. Golden or silver threads are employed to weave complex patterns on them. They come in a large range of bold and vibrant colors along with the classic black ones that steal the show in any display. These kinds of hijabs are suitable for formal gatherings only.

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