What to Wear When You Work From Home

Working from home definitely has its fair share of pros and cons, but regardless of that neverending list (especially since it is quite subjective), feeling good in your workplace, even if that’s your home, is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. One of the best ways to feel confident and ready for a full day of work is by dressing the part and being prepared for whatever the day might throw at you. In other words, wearing your pajamas all day is not allowed anymore.

We aren’t saying you need to wear a full-on suit while sitting at your at-home desk, but we are saying that little things such as comfortable leggings, cute flat slides, and polished blouses to throw on when you need to take a video call are all simple ways to feel better about yourself while working.

For example, instead of wearing old sweatpants, get a new pair that you would actually love to be seen in outside of the house. Or instead of a plain white T-shirt, try a cool graphic one to make more of a statement. Get the picture?

Keep reading to see our comprehensive list of the items we think you should invest in when you work from home.

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